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Urban Area Population 2,120 (2006)
Name Central Otago District Council
Population 16,950 (2006 est.)

Includes the towns of Alexandra
Clyde, Cromwell, Roxburgh,
and Ranfurly

Name Otago

Clyde is a small town in Central Otago, New Zealand with a population of 1,820 in 2006. It is located on the Clutha River, between Cromwell and Alexandra.

Clyde grew up around the former settlement of Dunstan during the Central Otago goldrush of the 1860s. The town could once claim to be the most populous in New Zealand during the height of gold fever. The town's post office (and thus the town) was officially renamed from Dunstan to Clyde on 22 May 1865, after Colin Campbell, 1st Baron Clyde.

More recently the town has become associated with the giant hydroelectric dam at the north end of the town, behind which lies Lake Dunstan. The Clutha River is the swiftest river (per volume) in the southern hemisphere. The river then meets the Roxbrough dam before finally meeting the sea at Balclutha.

The town is a popular holiday spot. It lies at the western end of the Otago Central Rail Trail. The Otago Central Branch Railway originally terminated at Cromwell, but this section of the railway was closed in 1980, with the railway to Clyde used to bring materials for the dam project. The rail trail is now-a-days often cycled and walked by visitors and locals alike.

The township is home to Dunstan Hospital, serving the surrounding district, including Alexandra and Cromwell. The hospital was rebuilt in 2006 with the original building remaining.

Clyde is fast becoming known as a tourist haven. The location is particularly attractive to those visiting the regions many vineyards and orchards. The regional weather is particularly warm and dry during the summer months due to the rain shadow effect caused by the Southern Alps (given NZ's trade winds which are westerly).

There is a single school in Clyde, the Clyde Primary School. The closest high school is Dunstan High School, which is situated 10km away in Alexandra. The closest university is Otago University (200km away) in Dunedin.

The towns Website is at [1]

During the week beginning 22nd September the Clyde/Alexandra district hosts the 'Blossom Festival'. This event celebrates the beginning of spring which brings the blossoming of the many fruit trees on the orchards around the area. Entertainment at the festival includes a parade including floats made by the various local businesses, fun park rides, bands, drag races, and various other activities and entertainment.

[edit] Notable people born here

  • Steffan Browning - Green Party candidate.
  • Roy Scott-Cricketer

[edit] References

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[edit] Map showing location of Clyde

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